PCMaximum Services:

Onsite Services:
At PCMaximum we have an experienced and certified staff of experts to help you with your computer issues. Our staff of friendly and courteous engineers will take the time to talk to you about the problems your having with your computer, and let you know what we will do to resolve those issues.

Microsoft Window Servers Active Directory
Microsoft Exchange Servers Domain Name Services
Backup and Disaster Recovery Services Wireless Network Services
Network Security Services  

Information on these services is below. For more information please email us at info@pcmaximum.net

Microsoft Windows Servers:

PCMaximum’s, experienced and expert staff is on hand to provide a comprehensive IT solution for your business. We have over 30 years of IT experience that you can leverage for creating a successful and productive Microsoft network environment.


Active Directory:
Our engineers have designed AD architectures for many medium sized Triangle businesses and schools. Understanding Microsoft’s "Best Practices" allows us to implement a "best of breed" network for your business, and gives you the assurance that your network will have the stability and reliability that is the standard of Microsoft products.


Microsoft Exchange Server:
Our engineers have installed and configured 100's of Exchange servers for small and medium sized business who wish to have complete control over their email systems. We can design the right Exchange solution for your business, we also provide a maintenance package, so you can rest easy knowing your email environment is safe and secure from virus's, spam, and worms such as the Conficker Worm, the latest threat to your network!


Domain Name Services:
As part of a Microsoft Windows environment you might want your server to provide DNS to your network, thereby increasing response times for web-browsing and other web based services. PCMaximum can set this up for you, and test existing DNS servers in your network to ensure optimal network performance.


Back and Disaster Recovery Services:
At PCMaximum our engineers are experts at designing a disaster recovery plan tailored to your business needs and create a process to safeguard your company’s mission critical data. We provide a detailed explanation of the processes involved which will insure that your data is well protected.

Residential customers can also take advantage of our expertise, PCMaximum has several processes that we can implement to insure the safety and integrity of our customers data. We can setup automated backup services to redundant sources, and that those sources are readily available if catastrophic failure does occur, making recovery with the help of PCMaximum, less of an ordeal then it otherwise would be.


Wireless Network Services:
PCMaximum can provide residential customers and small business with the setup and installation of wireless networks, or expand their current wired network into the wireless spectrum, allowing for the sharing of network resources by wireless users.

We offer wireless network analysis as well, to secure your wireless network and provide for a safe and effective wireless “hotspot” experience for your users.

PCMaximum certified technicians are experienced in utilizing Wireless Preshared Key(WPK), Mac Address Filtering, and Wi-Fi Protected Access v1 and v2 (WPA).

So contact us if you need assistance in securing your wireless network or prior to implementing a wireless network, let our certified technicians assist you in creating a safe and secure wireless networking environment.


Network Security Services:
PCMaximum offers residential and small business customers a low-cost solution to securing their network(s). We utilize “best of breed” solutions at a fraction of the cost of other vendors we partner with such industry leaders as: Cisco, Juniper, Watchguard, Symantec and Sygate firewall products.

PCMaximum can provide our customers with remote access without the subscription fees of programs like “Go to my PC”, utilizing features provided by Microsoft as part of your operating system package, these services are readily available for an inexpensive one-time fee.

PCMaximum keeps up to date on the latest threats to your PC’s Health, from Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus programs to individual removal tools we are able to clean up your PC. PCMaximum will get it back to you quickly and at a price that won’t break your budget!